Rainy Days...

You have come across Drennie's fanlisting collective known as the Pertichor Fanlisting Network. In case you don't know pertichor is the proper word used for calling 'the scent of rain on dry ground.'

This is where my fanlistings reside. The subjects listed here are those which/whom I'm obsesseed/in love with. If you think you're a fan of any subject under the current page, please, do, join! It will be most appreciated. If you have any questions just head over to Reach Me, my contact page.

The site was formerly known as the Kawaii Fanlisting Collective. Read here for more information about the name change. It also had a former web address, fan.starry-dreams.net. Now, I don't think it will change in the near future. This fanlisting collective has been up since December 2006 and is still going strong!

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You are currently viewing the sixth layout of the network featuring Sakura of Tsubasa Chronicles. I wanted to go for a very simple-looking layout this time (though the previous ones were very simple too). But then I wanted it to be clean and elegant as well. I guess the images made it elegant and the color scheme made it clean. Well, it works, you know. ^^ And yes, DIV layers rock. I'll never go back to tables, except for slicing images. Check the footer of the page for image credits.