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61 (+ 1) fans since March 31, 2012
Arbok (reversed as kobra) is the 24th Pokemon in the original Pokemon list. Arbok is usually seen with Team Rocket in the anime series.
This fanlisting was gladly adopted from Rain! Rain owned the fanlisting, former known as "Kobra", since December 14, 2008 and was turned over to me on April 2012. Thank you so much Rain! ^^
Last Updated: July 14, 2014
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Gate Keepers
4 (+ 0) fans since March 31, 2012
When Caramel Coffee Network was still Starry Dreams Network, I used to own the Gate Keepers fanlisting. Then somehow, it was removed from the Anime Fanlistings .ORG because the linke wasn't working. (I had some kind of trouble with my host that time.) And now, I have it back and I hope it grows just like last time! Asu no egao no tame ni!
Last Updated: May 07, 2014

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